Dr Fariba Hendesi
Cardiologist and blood pressure specialist , Provides the best treatment for varicose veins
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Diagnosis of varicose veins by ultrasound of varicose veins

Advanced and up-to-date treatment of varicose veins by laser and sclerotherapy

Varicose vein ulcers occur when the blood vessels in the legs do not return blood to the heart. When the blood returns to the artery, it puts pressure on the surface of the skin and as a result you feel pain. Varicose veins usually occur above the ankle and below the calf muscle, and the healing process is very slow.

Dr Fariba Hendesi

Cardiologist and blood pressure specialist (angioplasty)

Dr. Fariba Hendesi, a cardiologist and blood pressure specialist, is one of the leading and experienced specialists in the field of heart disease and hand angiography.

He uses the best treatment methods in varicose veins clinic and blood pressure clinic to treat and control diseases.

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The easiest way to check how the heart works is to use an electrocardiogram, or electrocardiogram. Using this method provides appropriate information to the treating physician.

Eco cardiography

It is an accurate tool for diagnosing heart problems as well as examining different parts of the heart that are non-invasive and require a lot of precision, experience and skill.

Cardiovascular angiography

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Blood pressure control

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